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My style can be best described as heavy black and grey illustrative realism. I focus heavily on bold lines in conjunction with fine-line detail. For the majority of my tattoos, I use large areas of solid black and contrast it with soft shading techniques such as stippling. I am willing to do full color pieces, but I am not interested in color realism. I'm extremely interested in color theory so if I'm given creative freedom when designing a color tattoo, I can give you something extremely bold and vibrant.

When it comes to the SIZE of pieces I take on, I am leaning towards medium sized tattoos. Examples being: no smaller than an inch, no larger than 12 inches. I feel insanely rushed/drained when I do large scale pieces such as back pieces and full leg sleeves. I would love to do large pieces like this in the future, but as of right now I would prefer the sizes above. I am a 2.5 year tattoo artist at the moment and I feel like there is much more for me to learn when it comes to large scale designs. I am willing to take them if the subject is interesting to me but know it will be a multiple session piece. 

DISCLAIMER: As much as I would LOVE to tattoo all of you, I am starting to set my focus on subjects I really enjoy tattooing and can promote on my social media platforms. If you read through my list below and feel like your idea doesn't suit my style, I would be more than happy to refer you to another artist.

List of Subjects

1. Flower vases

2. Eyes on anything! (plants, necklace, sword, I can put eyes on any subject)

3. Freakshow items (2 headed animals or people, multiple legs, weird limbs, too many fingers, i love all things FREAK)

4. Teeth!! I put teeth on almost all of the pottery I make, so it's only fair that I introduce it into my tattooing. 

5. Ceramic/Pottery items (A wheel, tools used, funny pot maker jokes, vases, mugs, etc.)

6. Lady Faces (Clowns, cowgirls, hippies, spooky bitches, gypsy's, sad girls, etc.)

7. ALL fruit and veggie plants (strawberries, eggplant, pumpkins, all berries)

8. Bones of ANY kind. (Reptile bones are extremely unique and fun to tattoo)

9. ALL Reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, bugs, animals (No Lions or Dragons please, I've done too many of them at this point)

10. All things witchy! (crystals, tarot cards, crystal balls, webbing, spiders, herbs in a jar, sage bundles)

11. Weapons! (I love medieval weaponry, think outside the box)

12. ALL THINGS BOTANICAL! (Expand your searches! Monstera, pothos, rattlesnake plant, carnivorous plant)

13. Shroomies!!

14. Horror movie inspo

15. Vintage items (candle holders, lamps, oil lamps, music boxes, spoons, hourglasses, pins, perfume bottles, lanterns, etc.)

16. Valkyrie imagery (lady warriors and weapons)

17. Jarred subjects (Spice jars, preserved animal jars, pickle jars, I love playing with clear subjects and reflections)

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