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Please visit my FAQ page before submitting the form below.

Once you've read through the "Q & A", "List of Subjects" and the "Deposit" information please submit the form below. Be as detailed as possible when filling out this form because I use this as part of our consultation.

What I will need from you are the following:

-Are you local to the San Angelo area or from elsewhere? (I ask this just in case I feel like we need to have a in person consultation.)

-Photo reference of what you are looking to get tattooed, tattoos I've done that you like, animal photos, items you want to turn into a tattoo, etc. (if you don't have a photo, explain the subject to me as detailed as possible. Ex: I'd like an old vintage oil lamp with a candle inside surrounded by flames and fireflies. Black and grey, on the back of my calf approximately 9" tall.) you can be more detailed of course. The more detailed your form the better understanding I'll have. But please, do not send me paragraphs. 

-Approximate Size

-Placement on the body

-Black & Grey or color


-When you're looking to get tattooed

Once you've submitted your form, I will get back to you within a week. If you submit a form on Sunday or Monday, I am off those days, expect to receive a response Tuesday-Saturday. 

Consultation Form

Please take a moment to fill out the form. Be as detailed as possible. Include approx. size and location of tattoo. If I decide that the tattoo is a good fit for my style, I'll email or call you personally and ask for reference images and more details about your design. 

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Thanks for submitting! I hope to connect with you soon(:

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