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*Please read all tabs before booking*

1 / How do your deposits work & how can I pay?

Please read my deposit tab for all information on booking. I require a $100 deposit to book an appointment and it is 100% non-refundable. Deposits can be made in person or thru venmo/cashapp but only after speaking with me. 

2 / What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring a government issued I.D, (we do not accept birth certificates) Any items you need for comfort (small pillow/blanket, sugary snacks, water bottle, headphones, book, etc.) Please keep in mind to wear appropriate clothing to your appointment, something you don't care to get ink on or stretched out due to positioning. I will never ask you to remove clothing unless it is absolutely necessary to access the tattoo. I have pasties available, and I can do a closed-door session if you are more comfortable with that as well. Lastly, bring your method of payment, I accept card & cash. NO CASH APP/VENMO PLEASE. We do not have an ATM in shop but H-E-B is right next door!

3 / How much do you charge?

My minimum rate is $150. I personally have a rate of $180 an hour if it takes more than 4 hours. Otherwise, pricing is done by the piece. I take size, detail, subject, placement on the body, color or black & grey all into consideration when pricing.

Flash designs and pre-drawns will have a flat rate posted with the design. These are designs that I will repeat and tweak. (: 

4 / Will you show me my design the day before?


This helps the risk of someone taking the design elsewhere for a cheaper price. It also helps keep the design personal to you. Most people will show their family and friends, which will have an opinion on what you should change. It is YOUR tattoo, no one else's. 

5 / What is the difference between a pre-drawn and a custom design?

A pre-drawn is a design I have created that I would love to tattoo, they will all have a price attached to them. and are repeatable. A custom design is a tattoo I've designed for a specific client, these will not be repeated. 

6 / Is there any tattoos you won't do?

Genital tattoos. Im sure they're awesome but I'd rather not do them lol. I'm also not interested in the sides of the hand, sides of fingers or the side of a foot; they never hold up great. 

7 / Do you do cover ups or work with scars?

On rare occasions I will do cover ups if it is small, but i prefer to not do them unless you're okay with a blast over. When it comes to scars, I only ask that the scar be healed at least 2 years before tattooing over it. This reduces the risk of extra pain and ink fallout. 

8 / This is my first tattoo, how do I prepare?

Make sure to have a good meal the night before and a couple hours before your appointment. Drink plenty of water, avoid drinking the night before and the day of. Do not take any pain-relieving medication such as Motrin, Tylenol, Advil, ibuprofen the day of your appointment as they are blood thinners; we want to keep the amount of bleeding to an absolute minimum. Lastly, just be excited! I know it feels stressful, but I promise I'll deliver a pleasant experience, and before you leave you'll be thinking of your next one!

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